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Video Editing

Specializing in Adobe Premiere and AVID Media Composer, video editor Justin Howe has thousands of hours experience editing award winning works. Those include feature-length and short films, commercials, tutorial, education and corporate projects.

When You Let The Land Lead_GRAB 2.PNG
Justin Howe Color Grading - Second Sight and Sound

Color Grading

As a colorist, Second Sight and Sound's Justin Howe works to bring out the depth of the captured images through careful color management in DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Lightroom. This is where visual style meets continuity and precision in the post-production pipeline.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics has an increasingly important role in the post-production process of today. Specializing in Adobe After Effects, Justin Howe has experience animating, compositing, creating titles and credits for feature films, commercials and corporate works alike.

Justin Howe Motion Graphics - Second Sight and Sound

Composition & orchestration

Music for film is an important aspect of Second Sight and Sound and covers many areas of the music production pipeline. Composer Justin Howe has written and performed music for feature films, exploring the neo-impressionist and minimalist tendencies intermixed with thick and expressive jazz harmonies that catches his ear the most.

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