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Color Grading

Second Sight and Sound's colorist Justin Howe has been grading films and commercials for over 10 years. With a history in digital color programs and studies in color theory, Justin works primarily in DaVinci Resolve to bring out the full body and richness within an image.

Color grading encompasses an array of post-production procedures and works with your full resolution media after the edit to correct the color from camera, fix problems with various color aspects, add a coherent look to your fit your story, add depth using shaping tools and motion tracking, and finally quality control and create a full resolution master file of your project.

The color finishing phase of any project is often overlooked and careful care, management, and creativity in the color grade can make a video catch the eye of any audience.

Colorist Reel

Colorist Portfolio

Far Out West Movie Poster.jpeg

Far Out West (2021)

Ginger Movie Poster

Ginger (2018)

The Ride Movie Poster

The Ride (2016)

Miles To Go Film Poster

Miles To Go (2021)

The Woo Movie Poster

The Woo (2017)

Hooked Movie Poster

Hooked (2016)

Call Me Brother Movie Poster

Call Me Brother (2018)

Stay Woke Movie Poster

Stay Woke (2016)

Carmilla Movie Poster

Carmilla (2015)

Road Trip Movie Poster

Road Trip (2015)

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