Justin Howe - Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist, Musician

Justin Howe


Second Sight and Sound is a comprehensive production company based in Los Angeles, California. Our goal is to provide a one-stop-shop for various artistic and mission-driven organizations in creating the media they need to tell their stories.


The company is operated by Los Angeles based freelance artist and musician, Justin Howe. After beginning his career in the production world in Chicago, Justin moved to Los Angeles to further pursue the opportunities with the large production scene and proximity to endless natural beauty.

As a cinematographer and editor, Justin has worked on a number of award winning projects. His collaboration with his brother David Howe (Dir. - Call Me Brother, Editor - Castlevania) has grown over the years and has often taken them to numerous festivals and award shows. Justin has also furthered his techniques by learning various other aspects of the field in order to provide a more comprehensive solution to high-end media production.

After studying jazz performance and composition in Chicago, Justin is bringing those skills to film and producing various scores in his home studio in El Sereno. Justin is a tenor saxophonist at heart and is most fluent in the woodwinds of sax, clarinet, flute, as well as piano, guitar and percussion. He was a long time member of the Chicago-based band, Gramps The Vamp.