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As a veteran with Adobe Premiere Pro and a welcoming Avid Media Composer user, Second Sight and Sound editor Justin Howe is equipped to handle your post-production workflow in the most efficient manner possible. 

We start with careful organization and optimization of your media followed by an editing process refined with thousands of hours experience. The workflow is set to work seamlessly alongside motion graphics, color and sound and makes sure that the editor can focus on making the best creative decisions in the moment.

Some editing highlights include:

  • Online and offline (proxy) workflows

  • Fast RAID storage for 4K and beyond playback

  • Custom built PC for lightning fast rendering (16-Core 3.7Ghz Processor/RTX 2070/64GB RAM)

  • Gigabit speed fiber optics wifi for fast uploads

  • Artgrid subscription for unlimited use stock footage

  • Color calibrated HP monitor and audio calibrated Adam studio speakers for balanced precision

  • for quick and efficient revisions processes

Editing Portfolio

Justin Howe When You Let the Land Lead - Second Sight and Sound

When You Let The Land Lead

Justin Howe NAEH Nationwide Town Hall - Second Sight and Sound

NAEH Nationwide Town Hall

Justin Howe Call Me Brother - Second Sight and Sound

Call Me Brother

Justin Howe Solar Opposites SXSW Table Read - Second Sight and Sound

Solar Opposites Table Read

Justin Howe Let Us Live - Life in Focus - Second Sight and Sound

Let Us Live - Life in Focus

Justin Howe Unpack Your Potential Stop Motion - Second Sight and Sound

Unpack Your Potential - Stop Motion

Justin Howe Seed Saver's Exchange - Second Sight and Sound

Seed Saver's Exchange

Justin Howe USC Shoah Foundation - Second Sight and Sound

USC Shoah Foundation

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