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Graphic Shapes

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics manipulates, animates and composites media to provide careful and realistic effects to an end product. Second Sight and Sound works primarily in After Effects and Photoshop to add in special effects, motion titles, automated paint outs, credits and more to a production.

Motion Graphics include:

–Animated Titles and Lower Thirds

–Special Effects and Compositing

–Still Image 3D Cut Out Animations

–Picture in Picture and Video Wall Layouts

–Painting/Masking Out Problem Areas in Video

–Stop Motion Animation

–Film Opening and Closing Credits

The motion graphics phase typically runs alongside or follows the full project edit and slots in before the color grading phase of a video project. Footage and digital graphics will be manipulated in a motion graphics program and later placed back on the edit timeline in full resolution native color to continue down the pipeline to picture and sound finishing.

Motion Graphics Examples

Murphy MD PI Motion Graphics Special Effects Fight Scene

Murphy MD PI

-Muzzle Flashes & Smoke
-Lighting and Shadowing
-Gun Recoil
-Blood Splatter & Tracking
-Color Corrected in Log (graded later)

-Split Screen Animated Mask
-Mirroring and Positioning
-Film Streaks and Burn Flash Transitions
-Title Masking and Animation
-Shatter Glass Animation

Martini Shot Highlights Motion Graphic Effects Titles Justin Howe

Martini Shot

Justin Howe Production Reel Motion Effects

-Image and Text Animations
-Price Change and Color Automations
-Motion Blurring
-Video Wall Animation
-Animated Titling

-Ending Film Credits
-Established Spacing and Font
-Photoshop Created
-After Effects Animated
-Smoke Transition Effect

Murphy MD PI Credits Motion Graphics Justin Howe

Murphy MD PI

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