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Gramps The Vamp

Music Performance
and composition

As a jazz studies graduate from Loyola Chicago, Justin Howe is a multi instrumentalist on the saxophones, flute, clarinet, piano and guitar. His primary project is founding member (tenor sax) of the Chicago funk group Gramps The Vamp, which has released four LPs in the last 8 years.

Other projects include composing, performing and orchestrating the soundtracks for numerous films.

Music services include:

–Film Scoring

–Performance and recording

–Live jazz groups for events

–Transcription services


–Piano reductions

Listen – Gramps The Vamp


Through 4 LPs, numerous tours and live shows, Justin has experience playing, writing and recording with Chicago-based funk group Gramps The Vamp. He is one of the founder members and plays tenor sax, flute and percussion.

Justin created a visual component to live shows, mixing and effecting visuals via VDMX and a MIDI-controlled foot pedal while playing horns.

Justin has also shot a number of music videos while playing in Gramps The Vamp and has since been collaborating with the band as he continues his career in southern California.


  • Bandcamp - Gramps The Vamp
  • Facebook - Gramps The Vamp
  • Instagram - Gramps The Vamp
  • Gramps The Vamp

Film Scoring


Second Sight and Sound offers short and feature film scoring, commercial music licensing and live recordings from composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer Justin Howe. With a background in jazz and classical studies, any project looking for music with emotional complexity, nostalgic harmonies and driving melodies are a great fit for scoring with Second Sight and Sound.


Musical Notation, Transcription, Orchestration

Piano Stock.jpeg

Second Sight and Sound offers musical notation, transcription, and orchestration services for any project's needs. Below is a recent piano reduction of Nocturne, the second movement for Suite for Strings by Frank Bridge. The piece was re-orchestrated for piano, notated and performed by Justin Howe.


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