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Video Production

Second Sight and Sound prides itself on keeping things simple. With everything needed to bring your project from an idea to its completed form under one roof, you can rest assured that quality and prompt workflows will be adhered to throughout the entire journey. 

What does a one-stop shop look like in video production?

  • Idea Development – what's the story?

  • Scripting and Pre-Production

  • Shot List and Storyboarding

  • Scheduling and Crew

  • Camera, Lights and Sound all covered

  • Media Backup and Security – always in three places

  • Video Editing

  • Music Composition and Recording

  • Motion Graphics, Color Grading, & Sound Mixing

  • Easy Online Revision Workflow

  • Finishing and Delivery – social media, website, or theater

Having the gear and expertise to take your project from conception to completion reduces costs, streamlines workflow while moving from one post-production area to the next, increases security of the media management, and maintains perfect communication with the whole team and you.

Video Production Examples

Justin Howe Production Sizzle Reel - Second Sight and Sound

Production Sizzle Reel

Justin Howe Audi Client Testimonials - Second Sight and Sound

Audi Client Testimonials

Justin Howe Loyola Chicago: A Scholarship Story - Second Sight and Sound

Loyola Chicago: A Scholarship Story

Justin Howe Cold Seasons - Second Sight and Sound

Cold Seasons: Album Promotion

Justin Howe Yker Acres - Second Sight and Sound

Yker Acres

Justin Howe Sports Nutrition Summit - Second Sight and Sound

Sports Nutrition Summit Highlights

Justin Howe CommunityHealth - Second Sight and Sound


Justin Howe Food For Kids Highlights - Second Sight and Sound

Food For Kids Highlights

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