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Justin Howe Cinematography - Second Sight and Sound


Cinematography is the art of photography and visual storytelling in a motion picture. Second Sight and Sound practices that art using an array of tools and expertise. In your project, cinematography encompasses the following:

  • Shot Design

  • Visual Style and Color

  • Storyboarding

  • Lighting Diagrams

  • Camera Movement and Capture

  • Media Management and Backups

Beginning his career behind the camera, cinematographer Justin Howe has experience shooting with his own camera and lighting gear set, coordinating camera and lighting teams as director of photography (DP), managing image styles, look up tables and footage security as digital imaging technician and much more.

Some of the feature and short films Justin Howe has shot have screened at festivals around the world, including at Cannes in France and multiple US festivals and premieres.

Cinematography Examples

Justin Howe Cinematography Reel - Second Sight and Sound

Cinematography Reel

Justin Howe Businessman Relaxes - Second Sight and Sound

Businessman Relaxes

Justin Howe Mercy's Girl Alison Hixon - Second Sight and Sound

Mercy's Girl

Justin Howe When You Let The Land Lead - Second Sight and Sound

When You Let the Land Lead

Justin Howe Call Me Brother - Second Sight and Sound

Call Me Brother

Justin Howe PAWS Lifeline PSA Torrey DeVitto - Second Sight and Sound

PAWS Lifeline PSA

Justin Howe Murphy MD PI - Second Sight and Sound

Murphy MD PI

Justin Howe LA Urban Farm Series - Second Sight and Sound

LA Urban Farm Series

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